UPDATE: Added the ability to enter the other characters house! Also fixed some minor bugs in the indoors sections and slightly changed the ending.

Eye & I live in a village. Explore it and stuff.

A short demo made for Mini Jam 30 + GBStudio. Most of it is just testing things out both in terms of visuals and mechanics (like using photos for backgrounds etc).


Outdoors Movement: Arrow keys/D-pad

Z/A-button to interact with things


Left and Right to change screens. Press X/B-button to bring up a cursor and examine things using Z/A-button. Press & hold X/B-button to hide cursor.

Install instructions

game.rar contains the .gb rom for the game which can be run in an emulator!


game.rar 32 kB


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It was cute and strangely calming... I liked it!

Thanks, glad you liked it!

reminds me of those unlicensed obscure nes games

thanks! The only unlicensed nes games I’ve played are weird pokemon platformer bootlegs, will have to check out some more though for sure :)